Entertainment  |  15 Sep 2021

The singing diva Vasundhara Vee returns with a riveting video single titled Run & a brand new direction

One of the finest voices to command awe & respect in the western music circles of the country, Vasundhara Vee is back after an interlude with a...

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Entertainment  |  02 Oct 2017

I saved jazz: Ryan Gosling

MUMBAI: La La Land actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone reunited during the season 43 premiere of Saturday Night Live for the formers monol

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Entertainment  |  31 Aug 2017

Lawyer turned Musician Aditi Ramesh comes with second single 'Stuff On Our Minds'

MUMBAI: Singer Aditi Ramesh recently released her much anticipated second single from her debut Autocorrect EP -Stuff On Our Minds under t

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Entertainment  |  14 Aug 2017

Jam through vintage years of 'Live Nights at Wink' at Taj President Mumbai

MUMBAI: Taj is known as the Bombay birthplace of jazz; Leon Abbey is credited with bringing swing to Bombay in the 1930s, and of course, he was a

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Entertainment  |  23 Jun 2017

Jazzification: Where Jazz meets movies, and attracts the uninitiated

MUMBAI: In an attempt to attract the non-jazz loving music fans, the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) is presenting ‘Jazzification’.

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Entertainment  |  03 May 2017

Discover time travel along with a musical rendezvous at Wink

MUMBAI: Whether it is listening to the 80s classics or paying a tribute to classic rock, singing a hymn for the weekend or beating it like Michael

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Entertainment  |  29 Apr 2017

The Revolver Club to celebrate International Jazz Day

MUMBAI: Recognised by UNESCO in association with the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, The International Jazz Day commemorates jazz’s role in brin

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Entertainment  |  24 Feb 2017

A musical journey of over two and a half decades: Pallavi Joshi

MUMBAI: Born in the family of legendary musicians, Pallavi Joshi has inherited traditional music and represents the fifth generation of her family.

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Entertainment  |  21 Feb 2017

Saxophones, congos and all that jazz: Here's what went down at NCPA last Saturday

MUMBAI: On a regular Saturday evening, it was rather a surprise to see the number of ardent jazz fans at NCPA.

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Entertainment  |  28 Nov 2016

Louiz Banks pays tribute to the one true Indian ambassador of bebop jazz - Carlton Kitto

MUMBAI: Tributes have started flowing since the demise of legendary jazz guitarist Carlton Kitto emerged through various sources.

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Entertainment  |  09 Nov 2016

William Dalrymple, jazz music to debut at Magnetic Fields

MUMBAI: The annual music and arts festival held in Rajasthan's Alsisar Mahal pushed the envelope once again this year, probably in one of the

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