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News |  31 Aug 2017 15:36 |  By RnMTeam

Lawyer turned Musician Aditi Ramesh comes with second single 'Stuff On Our Minds'

MUMBAI: Singer Aditi Ramesh recently released her much anticipated second single from her debut Autocorrect EP -Stuff On Our Minds under the label Nrtya. The song was featured on Wild City's First Listen and it explores the fundamental human tendency of our generation of wanting to consume substances, in a sense, to let go of dealing with reality. Its lyrics and the melodic use of her versatile voice express her thoughts on what she believes to be at the root of that tendency.

Speaking about her second single the vocalist said, “My second single Stuff on our Minds is about how these days it seems people need to lose their senses in order to have a good time; be it a special occasion or just the end of a week. However, this is not a judgment I'm forming - there is no real answer to the question of why one may feel the need to use substance to lose one's senses. We've just all got stuff on our minds. In the verses of the song I've used a fictional character; a man in the Prohibition Era, 1920s (or so I imagine, each listener has the freedom to imagine differently), walking down a lonely road with a bottle of alcohol, or perhaps something stronger, in a brown paper packet, surreptitiously taking swigs from it and wondering why we put poison in our bodies every night.”

Aditi added, “The second single is stylistically different from the first single in that it introduces the sound of the trio (Ishan Jadwani on drums and Keenan Thomas on bass). The first song is heavily vocal driven, using multiple vocal layers and the backdrop for the lead vocals and very minimal synth. I see the first single as the introduction to the subsequent songs on the EP.”

Corporate Lawyer turned musician Aditi has a herculean voice complimented by a range of techniques and tonal modulations. Her musical development has been inspired by the blues, jazz and traditional Carnatic music in which she has been trained in her childhood. She did her first single Efflux of Time which was about how when all of our burdens pile up and it feels like too much to bear, the only thing that can sort us out is the poetic passage of time.

Speaking about both the singles she said, “These are the first two songs I've ever properly recorded and released under the independent music label Nrtya; I've been doing music professionally only for about six months now. In the past I've written blues songs with simple piano accompaniment, inspired by my work at a law firm: Working People's Blue and High Heels.”

Since the time Aditi left her profession and came into music, she has been known for her exploration into different genres. Soon the artist will be seen performing for the first time at the Baleno Wicked Weekender NH7. Excited about her name in the lineup Aditi said, “It’s a great platform and I am so excited. This was completely unexpected; I played at set last month for Generation Why at Antisocial last month, the reach of this property was great and the right people saw that set.”

She also spoke about the kind of songs she will be performing at the multi – city festival. “At NH7 I'll be playing the songs of my debut EP Autocorrect, along with other compositions and experimental pieces. The genre is a mix of Jazz, Blues, Carnatic and many other genres for particular tracks (funk, folk, soul, hiphop etc). I will be using a vocal looper on some tracks and will be accompanied by Ishan on drums and Keenan on bass for other tracks,” confirmed the multi talented singer.

We wish this versatile singer the very best as she takes up the Weekender stage for the first time.

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