| 19 Apr 2024
International Radio Festival heads to Europe's cultural capital for ninth edition

MUMBAI: The ninth edition of International Radio Festival (IRF) will be held from 29 October to 4 November 2018. This radio galore will be held at Valetta, Malta, which is Europe’s cultural capital for 2018.

Having the niche of being the world’s first and sole conference, IRF’s first outing was at Zurich in 2009. The international broadcasting episode showcases the key elements of audio/radio, which happens to be the world’s most consumed medium. Both debate and in-depth detailed talks about the business of radio, its production and curation is conducted at this massive event.

Industry experts from both audio production and radio broadcasting take part in this one of its kind conference. It also features over 25 international radio stations, which not only broadcast their live-on-air programmes to both home audiences and peers but also reach to over 100cmillion global radio listeners.

IRF festival director Darryl von Däniken expressed happiness about Malta government’s invite as well as extending their partnership for celebrating Valletta. He also ensured that they, along with the government’s support, will bespeak the power delivered by audio in the global media mix.

He also told that the global media industry was kick-started by radio broadcasting, whose strategies, sales approach and international media standards are followed even today. He also mentioned how the current ever-growing earphone generation declares audio to be a powerful medium than its earlier underestimation during the onset of the internet revolution.

Lastly, he also took the pride in crediting IRF for vesting at the core of this current rage of audio. He also mentioned about the importance of this massive festival, a place for networking, knowledge exchange, as well as the podium that caters to the formation of futuristic strategies for both digital and analogue space. Däniken also told that IRF is also for both advertising and music industry people and not just a radio broadcasting thing.