| 07 Feb 2023
104.8 Ishq: Shahid confesses love for Rajesh Khanna on Battle of the Sexes with Sarthak

MUMBAI: In the latest episode of ‘Battle of the Sexes,the iconic show of 104.8 Ishq, Shahid Kapoor told RJ Sarthak about his fondness for ‘India’s First Superstar’.

On RJ Sarthak asking Shahid about his love for the actor Shahid replied, “Rajesh Khanna was awesome for romance. I enjoy his (Rajesh Khanna) movies and the work, he did. He is phenomenal as a romantic personality.”

The show also featured Shahid’s love interest in his latest movie Kabir Singh, Kiara Advani as guest. They both shared personal insights from the movie and their personal life. The Kabir Singh duo also played a fun game of ‘Battle of the Sexes with Sarthak’ that had a round of the popular ‘Heads Up’ game along with a rapid fire quiz.

The format of ‘Battle of the Sexes’ as a segment has made a name for itself owing to the fun and engaging interaction it triggers. The segment involves a series of opposite gender questions, usually fashion.

Watch episode here

Battle Of The Sexes | Shahid vs Kiara With Sarthak

Watch Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani battling against each other in this episode of Battle Of The Sexes with Sarthak as we continue our quest to find out which one aces the other!