| 17 Apr 2024
15 Apr 2024

Red FM’s Poila Boithak became a Three-Day Celebration!

MUMBAI: 93.5 Red FM, India’s leading private radio and entertainment network announced the fourth season of Poila Boithak, a three-day radio festival celebrating the culture and heritage of Bengal

27 Nov 2015

Musicians minting money singing paeans to nature

MUMBAI: Riding on the lyrical beauty and power of the songs inspired by mother nature, the music industry has raked in around $600 million since 20

10 Nov 2015

Vinyl Sales in US reach highest in 26 years; driven by young consumers

MUMBAI: The first half sales of vinyl records i

05 Nov 2015

UK Music industry contributes ú4.1 bn and employs more than one lakh people

MUMBAI: The UK music industry generates employm

20 Oct 2015

Indian music industry to cross Rs 1000 crore mark by 2020

MUMBAI: The Indian music industry, which is expected to grow at the range of Rs 1,100 crores to 1,300 crores by 2020, has managed to grow at a steady pace over the period of the last five years fro

Twitter lags far behind Facebook in US
20 Aug 2015

Twitter lags far behind Facebook in US online usage

MUMBAI: Facebook remains the most popular social network platform for US internet users whereas Twitter has failed to attract more users since last September, says a study.

18 Aug 2015

Listening to music lowers anxiety during breast biopsies

MUMBAI: Listening to live or recorded music significantly reduces anxiety for women undergoing surgical breast biopsies for cancer diagnosis and treatment, new research has found.

23 Jul 2015

What you think can reveal your musical tastes

MUMBAI: Your thinking style can provide an insight into what kind of music you like to hear.

27 Jun 2015

Music festival wrist bands can be deadly

MUMBAI: Music festival wristbands possess alarming levels of bacteria which can pose a deadly risk, says a scientist.

16 Jun 2015

UK music tourism industry generated ú3.1 billion; overseas tourists increased by 39 per cent

MUMBAI: An economic study on music tourism in the UK showed that a total of £3.1 billion was generated in 2014, through direct and indirect spending at festivals and live concerts in the UK.

06 Jun 2015

Music tourism benefits cities, says the IFPI- Music Canada

MUMBAI: According to the report released by IFPI- Music Canada, Music can be used as an important tool to promote tourism in various cities.

06 May 2015

The Beatles did not start musical revolution in US: Study

MUMBAI: Contrary to popular belief, the so-called "British Invasion" of US pop music by groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones did not start rock revolution, researchers have found.

20 Mar 2015

Music videos affect teenaged kids' sexual behaviour

MUMBAI: Parents may consider music videos a harmless pastime for their teenaged kids but they may negatively impact their sexual behaviour as they objectify women and promote sexual activities inv

20 Feb 2015

Radio advertising grew by 17 per cent in 2014

MUMBAI: Due to the five state-level elections and the General Elections in 2014, radio advertising grew by 17 per cent, which is two per cent higher as compared to last year’s projection of 15 per