| 24 Feb 2024
Music tourism benefits cities, says the IFPI- Music Canada

MUMBAI: According to the report released by IFPI- Music Canada, Music can be used as an important tool to promote tourism in various cities. The report stressed that “music tourism benefits cities to the tune of billions of dollars each year.”

The report cited examples of cities in UK; stating that approximately £2.2 billion in direct and indirect spending was generated by 6.5 million music tourists across the UK in 2012, generating the equivalent of 24,251 jobs in the country. London is recognised as UK’s music tourism capital, which attracted one million tourists during 2012. Places like Manchester and Scotland are popular among overseas fans and have attracted over 45,000 and 26,000 foreign visitors, respectively. It is estimated that overseas music tourists spend an average of £657 while visiting the UK, stated the report. The report cited this to a study in the UK titled ‘Wish You Were Here: Music Tourism’s Contribution to the UK Economy’.

Austin based SXSW, which is the city’s iconic annual music festival, “is a magnet for tourists and music industry professionals from all over the world.” Meanwhile, the report stated that music tourism accounted for almost half of the US $1.6 billion of economic output, and US $38 billion in tax revenue attributed to music in 2010. In 2014, it accounted to US $315 million, which was termed as “impressive”. Meanwhile, in 2009-2010 it is estimated that 5.4 million people attended live music performances in Melbourne, Australia, and making music as integral driver of Melbourne’s economy.

In 2014, Music City- Nashville had approximately 13 million visitors who contributed to more than US $5 billion in revenue, creating 50,000 jobs. Some major attractions in the city are Country Music Hall of Fame, Musicians Hall of Fame and the Johnny Cash Museum. It is reported that 900K people visited the Country Music Hall of Fame last year.

However, music festivals such as Bogotá, Colombia’s Rock al Parque; Austin, Texas’s SXSW, Indio; California’s Coachella; Barcelona’s Sonar and Budapest’s Sziget attract many visitors from many countries.

Multi-city alliances and development of an authentic music brand that helps put a city on the tourist map are few opportunities of music tourism. The report stated that gentrification is one of the biggest threats to music tourism.