Entertainment  |  15 Sep 2021

The singing diva Vasundhara Vee returns with a riveting video single titled Run & a brand new direction

One of the finest voices to command awe & respect in the western music circles of the country, Vasundhara Vee is back after an interlude with a...

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Entertainment  |  20 Mar 2018

Our motto is to work on original content: Delhi Indie Project

MUMBAI: Delhi Indie Project also known as ‘Dilli Wala Band’ have their names carved in the space of ‘live arena’.

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Entertainment  |  19 Mar 2018

I am focusing more on non-film music: Abhijeet Sawant

MUMBAI: The first season of Indian Idol had created lot of buzz, as it was first of its kind format in India and was based on British sho

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Entertainment  |  07 Mar 2018

AR Rahman is my inspiration: Ila Paliwal

MUMBAI: Classical singer Ila Paliwal says Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman is her inspiration, and she hopes to work with him again soon.

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Entertainment  |  02 Mar 2018

Desi Music Factory has planned 50 songs for 2018: Anshul Garg

MUMBAI: Desi Music Factory, a music label that has produced many a hit song and their recent one with Arjun Kanungo and Neha Kakkar La La La

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Entertainment  |  26 Feb 2018

I think India will be open for Jazz as an art form: Makoto Nakamura

MUMBAI: One of the best examples of global confluence would be, Jazz, an American art form will be presented in India by two Japanese artiste and

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Entertainment  |  22 Feb 2018

Isaac Waddington releases debut single 'Nothing's Changed'

MUMBAI: Sometimes an artist emerges seemingly fully-formed; in possession of a talent and power that’s undeniable.

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Dee Wood
Entertainment  |  28 Nov 2017

I love listening to Indian Classical music: Dee Wood

I love listening to Indian Classical music: Dee Wood

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Entertainment  |  23 Nov 2017

I want to teach invaluable music skills to others: Singer Jan Graveson

MUMBAI: Jan Graveson, an award-winning international acting and singing star from the UK is known for her innovative music teaching process.

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Entertainment  |  07 Nov 2017

'2017Madison' describes my life as it comes in the crazy metropolis NYC: Shwetaank Gupta

MUMBAI: Hailing from Ahmedabad, India Shwetaank as his unique name suggests has devoted his life purely to music.

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Entertainment  |  05 Oct 2017

Jazz up with Groove Gully at The Stable

MUMBAI: Are you looking at getting jazzed up? Thursday night at The Stable is for you.

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