|  19 May 2018

12 times when Sona Mohapatra gave us #fashiongoals

MUMBAI: The Lal Pari Mastani of Bollywood music industry Sona Mohapatra is known for being upfront on issues related to women and the society and is termed as a bold, strong woman. This very personality comes across in her dressing and we completely love this about her.

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 |  18 May 2018

These Instagram moments of Indian singers will leave you awestruck

MUMBAI: Our singers and music composers are always active on their social media handles. And, sometimes they leave everyone awestruck with their stories, especially the Instagram ones.

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 |  16 May 2018

Kanika Kapoor makes a stylish dapper in her Maldives holiday pictures

MUMBAI: Baby Doll singer Kanika Kapoor’s recent Maldives holiday pictures will give you summer goals. The singer, who has been sharing her visually enthralling pictures on her Instagram has left us spellbound.

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 |  10 May 2018

Singers ruling the fashion game

MUMBAI: Fashion is not just about your outfit but the way you carry it. To see real good fashion one could opt for many available options these days, but how about admiring the couture of your favourite celebrity.

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 |  08 May 2018

Indian singers and their fitness goals

MUMBAI: Gone are the days when just art mattered, in today’s times being presentable is a must not only for the ones on screen but for the ones behind the mikes too. The singers and musicians too have taken fitness seriously. In fact, their Insta stories narrate these fitness tales well.

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 |  03 Jul 2017

Shekhar's new look yay or nay ?

MUMBAI: All musicians, singers, artist change their looks in every few weeks or months and recently Shekhar Ravjiani changed his look. His hairstyle and beard style is different from what it used to be.

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 |  29 May 2017

Snapchat and artist!

MUMBAI: Social media is one platform that can allow you to get up close and personal with your favourite artist. You get to see and know what’s happening in their lives and personal space.

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 |  26 May 2017

Beauties in traditional

MUMBAI: Traditional clothes are a wardrobe essential for every man and woman. You may love wearing western clothes but it is essential to stay connected with your culture. Check out these beautiful ladies all dolled up in traditionals : Shreya Ghoshal

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 |  23 May 2017

With their love - INSTRUMENTS

MUMBAI: Songs without the musical tunes are like food without salt. The songs and lyrics make better sense with the tune of instruments played alongside. And, our singers have their favourites here. Aarman Malik

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 |  19 May 2017

Fitness freaks : Our beloved singers

MUMBAI: A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest. Physical and mental fitness play very important roles in your lives and people who are both, physically and mentally fit are less prone to medical conditions as well.

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 |  18 May 2017

A very important family member of our favourite singers - Pets

MUMBAI: Pets are not human but they display a lot of human qualities like strong personalities, emotions, etc. While pets are mere domesticated animals for those who do not possess them, for others they are their family.

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 |  16 May 2017

Singers travel diaries

MUMBAI: Singers spend most of their careers travelling all around the world for concerts. So, when one's travelling all the time, why not make the best of it? Well, our singers do know how to make the best of every minute at hand, given their busy schedules.

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