Biz  |  22 Dec 2018

BIG FM Country Head Sunil Kumaran speaks on recent radio shut down in Mumbai due to fire outbreak

MUMBAI: The recent sudden shutdown of radio stations in Mumbai had affected, both, radio stations and Mumbaikars.

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Biz  |  26 Oct 2015

RJ Siddharth's show available across Big FM's 12 Hindi speaking markets

MUMBAI: Big FM, launched the award winning, ‘The Breakfast Show’ of Mumbai in Hindi heartland as ‘BIG Chai’.

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Videos  |  26 Oct 2015

RJ Siddharth's diary

Big FM's RJ Siddharth shares his Switzerland and International Radio Festival experience.

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Entertainment  |  24 Aug 2015

RJ Siddharth to attend International Radio Festival and explore Switzerland

MUMBAI: Big FM's RJ Siddharth has been selected from India to be part of the International Radio Festival (IRF) 2015.

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Entertainment  |  25 Jul 2015

RJ Siddharth: Be honest to yourself

RJ Siddharth, who started his career as an engineer, and then switched to advertising, is now a popular name on Indian radio.

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Biz  |  21 Jul 2015

Big FM RJ Siddharth Mishra wins Sound of India contest; to represent India at Zurich's International Radio Festival

MUMBAI: From an array of talented RJs that are currently hosting shows on Indian FM radio, the Zurich-based International Radio Festival (IRF), to

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Biz  |  02 Jul 2015

Season's special offering - Big Monsoon Magic by Big FM

MUMBAI: Monsoon brings out the best of emotions; it makes you sway to the music of rain dropping on the window pane, triggers the

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Biz  |  10 Oct 2014

BIG FM goes live from Mumbai Metro

MUMBAI: Reliance Broadcast Network Limited's BIG FM has taken charge of informing audiences on how to travel safely in the new attraction of city t

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Entertainment  |  09 Aug 2014

Radio is a theatre of mind games: RJ Siddharth

In this week’s Musical Rendezvous, BIG FM’s RJ Siddharth Mishra, talks about radio and how it transformed his sound skills in Theatre production.

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