| 20 Jun 2024
Google's 'Hum to Search' feature debuts on YouTube Music, outpacing Apple's Shazam

MUMBAI: Google initiated testing of the 'hum to search' feature in late 2023 on its YouTube Music app, leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to swiftly and accurately identify songs with just a few seconds of humming.

Reportedly outpacing Apple's Shazam in speed and accuracy, the feature quickly identifies songs within moments of user input. Users simply hum a tune, and YouTube Music promptly retrieves the original song. Following months of rigorous testing, the search engine powerhouse has officially rolled out the 'hum to search' functionality on the YouTube Music app for Android.

Here's how the 'hum to search' feature works on the YouTube Music app:

Step 1: Open YouTube Music app >> Tap the search bar >> Tap the microphone icon

Step 2: There, you'll get two options--'voice' and 'song'. Select 'song'

Step 3: And, sing or hum the song. It will instantly get into work. It will match the user's sound bite with the millions of music tracks in its repository and get the exact song or at least the near-accurate song.

It should be noted that the Google Search app too has a similar feature. In the search tab, it now offers the option to search and match images and songs too. The latter works as same as YouTube Music. Just tap Sing and hum the tune or a few lines of the song. It will fetch the original song details.