Biz  |  30 Apr 2024

Google's 'Hum to Search' feature debuts on YouTube Music, outpacing Apple's Shazam

MUMBAI: Google initiated testing of the 'hum to search' feature in late 2023 on its YouTube Music app, leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence

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Biz  |  01 Apr 2021

YouTube Music now allows you to shuffle songs while Casting

MUMBAI: The criticism of YouTube Music, especially from Google Play Music users, is that it bizarrely lacks basic features.

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Entertainment  |  30 Dec 2020

'Year on TikTok' feature lets you look back on 2020 most-played tracks and favorited content

MUMBAI: As 2020 winds down, apps like Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal and Spotify Wrapped have let users look back on how they spent the year.

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Entertainment  |  03 Dec 2020

BLACKPINK announces livestream concert ‘The Show’

MUMBAI: Blackpink in your area (virtually)!

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Biz  |  14 Oct 2020

YouTube Music to display new features

MUMBAI: Google Play Music store is no longer available.

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Entertainment  |  12 Sep 2020

YouTube Music crosses 500 million downloads on Google Play Store

MUMBAI: Unfancied and replacing a much-loved music streaming service was always going to be a tough task but YouTube Music has now hit 500 million

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Biz  |  11 Jun 2020

YouTube Music and premium are now available in fourteen new regions

MUMBAI: YouTube Music’s revamp and YouTube Premium were kicked off two years ago.

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Biz  |  22 May 2020

YouTube Music spotted new mix player and can now tracking similar tunes

MUMBAI: YouTube Music already has a few Spotify-like dynamic "Mix" playlists, but more might be coming in the future.

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Biz  |  13 May 2020

Google Play Music to be replaced by You Tube Music

MUMBAI: In line with its plan to retire Play Music, Google on Tuesday started inviting users of the service to transfer their music libraries, per

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Biz  |  04 May 2020

You can now control music though Your Phone app

MUMBAI: When you are using your smartphone to stream music but on the other hand you’re also working on your computer, chances are you will be dis

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Biz  |  01 May 2020

Microsoft's Your Phone app allows you to control music apps from phone

MUMBAI: According to the report, Microsoft is planning to bring music controls to it’s Your Phone app that will allow Android owners to see and co

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