| 21 May 2024
BIG FM goes live from Mumbai Metro

MUMBAI: Reliance Broadcast Network Limited's BIG FM has taken charge of informing audiences on how to travel safely in the new attraction of city through their radio station. As a part of the tie-up, the station has geared up for a number of on air and on-ground activities, and was present at the metro which operates between Ghatkopar – Andheri on Sunday 8 June.

RJ Siddharth went live from the station for his Breakfast show. He spoke to first time travellers and also took five of their listeners on a ride. Siddharth said, "The first day, everyone travelled as there was a novelty factor involved. Within few hours of travel there were around one-two lakh passengers travelling. The metro was a new thing in the city after ages. On the second day, the commuters were genuinely travelling for work."He reached Versova stop at 6.15 to get ready for the live feed from the venue.

He further added that it is very systematically built and the facilities like ATMs, drinking water and others make the journey smoother.

BIG FM plans to air a special episode on 11 June of 'Yaadon Ka Idiot Box' with Neelesh Misra, in which the ardent story teller narrates one story titled 'Mumbai Metro' encompassing all the positive changes in the common man's life with the start of the metro in the city.

The network introduced a dedicated show called 'Mumbai Metro' every day from 6 – 7pm hosted by RJ Dilip. To ensure safety for travellers, the popular radio network will also run 'Do's and Don'ts' capsules with tips covering safety precautions while using the metro to travel. There will be capsules on anecdotes across locations including the story of Ghatkopar station, the story of demolishing a building for making the metro and re-constructing it after building the metro, the story of making a 100 per cent steel bridge over the Andheri railway lines without hampering local trains and so on. There will also be a management team of the metro makers who will provide insights on various activities of the station.