Entertainment  |  12 Apr 2024

MC Heam, renowned Rapper, singer, producer and Rap instead, shines in Ajay Devon’s ‘Maidaan’ with music by A.R. Rahman

MUMBAI: MC Heam, known in the hip-hop scene as Hemant Dhyani, is set to captivate audiences once again, this time with his lyrical prowess in Ajay

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Entertainment  |  11 Jan 2024

American Rapper G-Eazy announces Maiden India Tour

MUMBAI: In exciting news, American music sensation and rapper G-Eazy, is heading to India for the very first time.

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Entertainment  |  05 Jan 2024

Listen to Rapper GRAVITY's new 'California Blaze'

MUMBAI: Indian Rapper, Hip-Hop artist, and music composer GRAVITY dropped a distinctive rap track that defies norms "California Blaze".

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Entertainment  |  27 Dec 2023

Global music icon King’s starry performance lights up Mumbai on Christmas Eve

MUMBAI : Setting the mood just right for the ongoing festive season, global pop force King enthralled his thousands of Mumbai fans with a fiery en

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Entertainment  |  14 Dec 2023

Grammy's Recording Academy showcases King's 'Good Trip', A triumph for India!

MUMBAI : In a monumental recognition of India's musical prowess, the Recording Academy, the esteemed news portal of the Grammy Awards, recently to

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Entertainment  |  07 Dec 2023

Gear Up Pune! As King is all set to spread his magic in the city

MUMBAI : After putting up a historic show in his home town Delhi, King is all set to perform in Pune on December 8th as a part of his New Life Indi

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Entertainment  |  29 Nov 2023

Rapper Panther talks about 'Galat Karam' in collaboration with Delhi Rapper Raga

MUMBAI: Rapper Panther releases a new independent song titled ‘Galat Karam' in collaboration with Delhi Rapper ‘Raga’.

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Entertainment  |  29 Nov 2023

YUNG SAMMY brings to India Iconic ‘DESI TRILL’ Remix with Dj Lyan and Malkit Singh out now via DESI TRILL Music

MUMBAI : Following the success of DJ LYAN’s cultural fusion game-changer “DESI TRILL'' which brought together legends from UK Rap, Desi and Dance,

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Entertainment  |  17 Nov 2023

Edinburgh rapper Joell is back with the release of his new single, 'Hop In The Coupe'

MUMBAI : Edinburgh rapper Joell is back with the release of his first single from an upcoming project, 'Hop In The Coupe'.

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Entertainment  |  02 Nov 2023

Savlon Swasth India Mission presents ‘HaathDhona Cool Hai’

MUMBAI: In a unique move to make washing hands more relevant and a cool thing to do with youngsters, Savlon Swasth India Mission has brought toget

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Entertainment  |  27 Oct 2023

Chamak : UMX blows you away in style with his latest rap track that talks about never letting anyone takes away your shine

MUMBAI : The Indian rap scene is bustling with numerous talents, but if there’s one artist who has carved a distinct niche of his own in this spac

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