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News |  14 Dec 2023 15:48 |  By RnMTeam

Grammy's Recording Academy showcases King's 'Good Trip', A triumph for India!

MUMBAI : In a monumental recognition of India's musical prowess, the Recording Academy, the esteemed news portal of the Grammy Awards, recently took to Instagram to showcase the exceptional talent of Indian musician King. The post marks a proud moment for India as King's new song, "Good Trip," from the eclectic album 'New Life,' has become a global sensation, resonating with audiences worldwide. The video showcases King's performance that captivates listeners with its unique fusion of sounds. The Recording Academy emphasizes King's remarkable journey, portraying him as a symbol of cultural richness and contemporary beats who transcends geographical boundaries.

The post not only applauds King's rise to global fame in a very short span of time but also delves into the brilliance of his latest album. Described as a diverse body of work, the album seamlessly blends Hindi and bilingual tracks with electronic hip-hop and industrial influences, showcasing King's versatility as an artist. As the world continues to embrace King's musical journey, King's new album stands as a testament to his innovative approach to music, setting the stage for a future where he can surely be the one to bring the coveted Grammy to India.