| 20 Jun 2024
YouTube Music now allows you to shuffle songs while Casting

MUMBAI: The criticism of YouTube Music, especially from Google Play Music users, is that it bizarrely lacks basic features. One of those is the ability to repeat songs while Casting, though that has finally just been added to YouTube Music on Android.

Update 3/31: Last month, the ability to repeat and shuffle while Casting YouTube Music to Smart Displays, Assistant speakers, or other devices very briefly went live. It was quickly pulled, but shuffle has returned today. Oddly, the repeat action is now grayed out and cannot be selected. It works on both Android and the old iOS interface.

Update 2/24: Shortly after repeat and shuffle started working for some, the feature was pulled for all users.

For the past few weeks, there has been some hints that Google was working on this minor capability. The Now Playing screen would previously hide shuffle and repeat buttons when Casting was enabled. That recently changed to stop disappearing, but neither was clickable.

As of today, many users are reporting that the repeat button (song or entire album) can be tapped when you’re connected to Google Home or Nest speakers, as well as any other Cast device. Shuffle is still grayed out, but it will more than likely launch soon.

In the first screenshot below, you see how the shuffle icon is a darker shade than the one for repeat. Close your current playback session and the app if today’s change is not yet live for you.

It’s remarkably odd that the ability for YouTube Music to repeat while Casting took so long to implement, but it’s better late than never. It comes as the ability to use Google Takeout to download Play Music libraries is officially over, though it’s still accessible as of this morning.