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News |  12 Jun 2024 15:20 |  By Tolika Yeptho

100 RBH on 'Zindagi': Exploring Life's moods and elevating Marathi Rap

MUMBAI: Budding Marathi rapper 100 RBH a.k.a Saurabh Abhyankar has burst onto the music scene with his debut EP, Zindagi.

In an exclusive interview, he shares the heartfelt inspiration behind his title track and the creative process that brought his diverse range of songs to life. "'Zindagi' is my life. That's why I named it Zindagi," 100 RBH begins. "It’s all the four moods of my life that I live in, like I have a realization mood, which is the ‘Zindagi’ song. So, I want to thank Zindagi. I want to express my gratitude. I feel that whatever happens, it happens for a reason. So, I want to thank Zindagi more than complain. I don't have any tension. So, I want to say that whatever life I have, it's all ‘Kramank Ek’. So, it's one number."

Discussing other tracks on the EP, he elaborates, "Then there is a track, which is called ‘Mann Nahi Jeene Ka’. So, whatever experience I have had, as a human, I believe in science and I believe in God, but both places are sacrificed for animals. So, I am just questioning that. Whatever I see, I hear that God says, 'Don't kill animals,' but their sacrifice is also given there. It happens in science too. So, there are a lot of such questions. I feel confused about what is right and what is not. That's why I have a feeling that it's enough for me. I don't want to do this. And there is a song called ‘Pahije’. Pahije means I want it."

Regarding his creative process, 100 RBH emphasizes authenticity: "I am very true to myself. I wrote it the way I was feeling at the time; I didn't have a proper process to write such a song. I wrote what I was feeling and what I felt like questioning."

Reflecting on his career milestones, he credits his association with T-Series for simplifying his artistic journey. "I feel that now, as I am from T-Series, my life has become easier. With them with me, now I just have to focus on my tracks and my work. I have access to everything else. And everything happens so easily. So I don't have to worry about other things. I am able to focus 100% on my art." He continues, "I think differently; I question everything that I feel is wrong or appreciate what is right. As rappers, we were told that we couldn’t say all this on TV. But when I actually entered MTV Hustle, I felt it was the right platform for me. I can go there and tell my community that we can also rap like this."

As a Marathi rapper, 100 RBH is passionate about representing Marathi culture. "We all know many Punjabi rappers and Haryanvi rappers, but do we know too many Marathi rappers? And when they talk in Marathi, they don’t talk completely. So, I feel that I wanted to instill that confidence that you can come here and rap in Marathi, and you can rap in Marathi dangerously. I am happy that I got such a stage to showcase my talent, and I hope everyone else sees this as an opportunity to build more confidence and come forward to rap in Marathi."

With Zindagi, 100 RBH not only shares his personal journey but also seeks to elevate Marathi rap, paving the way for future artists in the genre.