Biz  |  13 Jul 2015

Guitarmonk sets downloads record of over 5000 in just few days

NEW DELHI: The renowned group Guitarmonk, headed by Kapil Srivastava, who has the credit of having taught hundreds of students, has launched its mo

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Biz  |  11 Oct 2014

Italian singer now comes on to India's Guitarmonk Records

NEW DELHI: "Stop and Smell the Roses, Tough it, Lost my Faith, Precious Love, Tell Her and Fly Away" by Natascia or "Nati" Maimone from Italy is no

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Biz  |  10 Oct 2014

Swaras series launched to promote classical music

NEW DELHI: In an attempt to bring the masses closer to the once-sophisticated classical music, Guitarmonk Records has brought out the Swaras Album

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