| 03 Mar 2024
Swaras series launched to promote classical music

NEW DELHI: In an attempt to bring the masses closer to the once-sophisticated classical music, Guitarmonk Records has brought out the Swaras Album Series concept Volume 1 of the Swaras Album with the use of various Hindustani music instruments like sarod, violin, slide guitar, vocal and tabla.

Swaras, coined from the words 'swar' (musical note) and 'rasa' (emotion), is a music album series conceptualised to preserve and disseminate the definite art of music with 'ragas' in particular.

Guitarmonk Records founder Kapil Srivastava said Indian Classical Music has developed continuously from the ancient chanting style down to the principles of dance, music and drama. Classical Indian Ragas are both elaborate and expressive. They are designed to have a therapeutic effect in the body by activating specific chakras, allowing the Kundalini to rise. Each raga has a corresponding “rasa’ or emotion.

This is one of the gifts of Indian Classical Music to the world. It is not just sharing music but also by connecting one's self with the therapeutic benefits of ragas to the mind and body, creating energy balance to individuals, and to the society as a whole.

Different talents and artistes are also set to benefit from the Swaras Album concept, as their talents will not only be heard once they get connected to the right platform and promotions but it will also help them generate royalty.