Entertainment  |  03 Apr 2020

Dua Lipa: I have stopped drinking, I don't smoke, either, when I'm touring

MUMBAI: Singer Dua Lipa has reduced the intake of alcohol and cigarettes to save her voice.

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Entertainment  |  09 Jan 2019

One week to Eurosonic Noordeslag (ESNS)

MUMBAI: Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) is like Europe’s version of SXSW, while still retaining the discovery vibe of the early days of the Austin fe

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Entertainment  |  31 Dec 2018

Marvin Dee Band opens 2019 with a brand new single!

MUMBAI: Marvin Dee Band has opened the New Year 2019 with the brand new single, Little Boy, which is the second single from their upcomin

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Entertainment  |  17 Dec 2018

Kerry Katona meets long lost brother

MUMBAI: Singer Kerry Katona met her long lost brother for the first time.

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Entertainment  |  27 Nov 2018

ETEP Moves Europe: Looking back at 4,001 ETEP shows

MUMBAI: With 483 shows by 161 acts at 122 festivals, ETEP has generated a record number of bookings for the fourth consecutive year.

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Biz  |  23 Nov 2018

To be able to perform and stand for your country is one of the lifetime experiences: RJ Devaki on International Radio Festival 2018

MUMBAI: One of the most astounding RJs and Red FM fame RJ Devaki from Ahmedabad was chosen as the one, who got an opportunity via Radioandmusic.co

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Biz  |  10 Oct 2018

We do our shows with the sole purpose of being the best infotainment medium for a listener: RJ Ginnie, Radio City

MUMBAI: Radio City’s award winning RJ Ginnie Mahajan has also been nominated at Radio Connex in the best RJ category, whose winner will represent

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Biz  |  25 Sep 2018

DRM Events at IBC 2018 had some noteworthy announcements in store

MUMBAI: The recently held Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) grabbed eyeballs for providing some kickass news, from its key markets in the first three d

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Entertainment  |  23 Aug 2018

Multinational all-woman group to perform at music concert in Delhi

MUMBAI : The global vocal ensemble of four women artistes -- Women of the World-- will bring together music from different corners of the

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Entertainment  |  16 Aug 2018

Maati Baani's 'Tum Jo Miley' portrays each emotion with a different instrument

MUMBAI: Maati Baani, who is known for their innovative use of traditional folk music in their groovy tracks, has come up with an album, Ru Ba R

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Entertainment  |  27 Jul 2018

Joris Voorn announces 'Spectrum' tour of North America this September

MUMBAI: After gradually building his acclaimed Spectrum concept across multiple parties throughout Europe and his weekly radio show, Jori

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