| 23 Jul 2024
We do our shows with the sole purpose of being the best infotainment medium for a listener: RJ Ginnie, Radio City

MUMBAI: Radio City’s award winning RJ Ginnie Mahajan has also been nominated at Radio Connex in the best RJ category, whose winner will represent India at the International Radio Festival 2018 in Malta. Popular for her morning show, Suno Na Dilli, Ginnie talsk about her nomination, Radio Connex and more in an exclusive interview with Radio Connex.

On her nomination in the best RJ category of Radio Connex, RJ Ginnie exclaimed, “It feels awesome to have your work recognized.”

“Do I think I will win? Well, my passport and I definitely hope so. It’s very important to do your work passionately but it’s equally important to be recognized or awarded for it. The high it gives is unsurpassed,” said the former journalist.

Radio Connex is the first-of-its-kind celebration of excellence in radio. On this vibrant show that aims to recognise talent from the world of radio, Ginnie said, “Radio Connex is a great platform and to see your work recognized at a global platform is very humbling indeed. I am also excited to introduce Indian radio to an international audience and get a chance to see what they do and possibly carry back ideas.”

International Radio Festival (IRF) is a global Radio gathering, which every RJ dreams of attending. On being asked about IRF, Ginnie said, “When we do our shows every day it is done with the sole purpose of being the best infotainment medium for a listener. To now realize that it will be showcased at a global radio gathering is fantastic.”

“I do hope I can make it and represent what radio is in India to a global audience,” RJ Ginnie concluded on whether she can will a chance to grace the global event in Malta, Europe, this year