| 22 Jun 2024
DRM Events at IBC 2018 had some noteworthy announcements in store

MUMBAI: The recently held Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) grabbed eyeballs for providing some kickass news, from its key markets in the first three days of IBC, which is known for being the largest media, entertainment and technology show in Europe.

Shouting loud with through their theme ‘DRM Drives Forward’, the DRM Consortium commenced with the showcasing of the progress of DRM (AM and FM) in South Africa, while providing details  about the spectrum, energy efficiency and no interference observed during the DRM trial in Johannesburg, recently just extended. Hosted by Fraunhofer IIS, Russia’s decision of allocating VHF band to DRM was also welcomed by the participants present. Also, it was also informed to the participants that public broadcaster in India (AIR) is also among the supporters of DRM for VHF and the promotion of DRM to the audience will commence with an established network of almost 40 DRM transmitters.

During the same lively event the guests heard with interest that the The Nautel event, which was held on 15 September focussed on the global potential of DRM, the ease of upgrading the large number of AM transmitters all over the world to digital and the increased efficiency offered by the new solid state transmitters to the market.  Participants got an opportunity to listen to the live local DRM transmission received on the increased number of DRM receivers. Also, to these receivers, a new low cost, all band one, also was added as well as displayed.

16 September saw an event that painted ‘new’ over it. Hosted by Ampegon, their representatives gave on a big solid state shortwave transmitter, which was delivered as well as on air in 2018. They also informed about a huge antenna, which was installed in the US, as part of a large DRM shortwave installation that is anticipated to be completed in 2019.

IBC 2018 witnessed 55,000 attendees from 170 countries across the world. From key announcements, new receiver prototype (Germany) and DRM transmission equipment for FM (Russia), it was a noteworthy event for DRM’s global progress. Besides, the celebrations on the occasion of 10th anniversary of RFmondial were also on as DRM family poured their best wishes.