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Entertainment  |  31 Oct 2019

Jungo tv, Art and Artistes announce partnership to launch the world's 1 linear Indian music channel

MUMBAI: Jungo TV, the leading international entertainment distribution network, has partnered with Art and Artistes (AAA), the fi

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Entertainment  |  07 Apr 2015

A Grand Finale for Art And Artistes' Musical Concert 'Idea Jalsa' at Jammu

MUMBAI: The final season of the highly successful ninth edition of Art And Artistes' 'Idea Jalsa – Music for the Soul' ended on a high note.

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Entertainment  |  28 Mar 2015

Patna experiences a memorable evening with Art And ArtistesÆ Idea Jalsa concert

MUMBAI: The ninth edition of ‘Idea Jalsa – Music for the Soul’ concert organized by Durga Jasraj’s Art And Artistes, staged a musical night at Pat

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Entertainment  |  26 Nov 2014

Swaminathan Selvaganesh shares his musical journey on Art And Artistes' 'Inner Voice' #7

MUMBAI:: Art And Artistes have released a video featuring the child prodigy Swaminathan Selvaganesh in the seventh webisode of their iconic web se

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Biz  |  15 Oct 2014

Two Art and Artistes concepts make it to Limca Book of Records

MUMBAI: Kudos to multi-media music production company Art and Artistes (AAA) who reached out to more than nine and half crore people through their

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Entertainment  |  14 Feb 2014

Durga Jasraj: 2013 was much better compared to 2012

AAA (Art and Artistes) founder and director Durga Jasraj Year 2013 for Art and Artistes

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Photos  |  21 Mar 2013

'Idea Jalsa - Music for the Soul'

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Biz  |  20 Mar 2013

Idea Jalsa on its way to achieve 150 million viewers: Durga Jasraj

The 2013 'Idea Jalsa - Music for the Soul’, the Indian Music concert tour across 12 cities, featuring over 100 artistes will conclude in Mumbai on 24...

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Biz  |  07 Mar 2009

Durga Jasraj - "Jalsa is a platform where musicians communicate intelligently"

Maybe it's time that the way we recall Durga Jasraj changes. She's not only the daugther of the legendary Pt Jasraj, but now, in her own right, also...

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