| 29 Nov 2022
Singapore's Kiss FM gives second chance at love to a couple at IRF 2014

ZURICH: "We have been married for 15 years. My husband works long hours and it is almost 2 years since we really communicated with each other. I wanted to take my husband away so that we could spend some quality time together. Winning the IRF-Kiss92 FM contest did that for us,” revealed Singapore based Signature Employment Services Pvt. Ltd marketing director, 38 year old May Lin at the 5th edition of IRF in Zurich to

May's 45 year old husband Lim Sing Loong Eddie is account director of transport and logistics-commercial large enterprise at NCS, a Singapore based company that is a part of the Singtel group. The couple have two children.

Initially May did not tell her husband that she was one of the 150 or so participants, or that she had taken part in a contest at all. One morning she asked Lim if he would be free during the first week of September for a trip to Switzerland, and the answer was no, he had a business trip that was likely to happen. That evening she told him that she was a contest winner and when Lim's company supported May's decision to travel to Zurich, the couple flew in to give love another chance. Their children are being looked after May's mother in Singapore during their absence.

Kiss92 FM presenter John Klass, who is one of the RJs at IRF 2014, told us his contestant and her husband's relationship was falling apart. He said that both of May's answers (and desires) – the one to travel to another country with her husband to set things right in their relationship, touched hearts at his station, and her identifying the Swatch brand with Switzerland – which was bang on, won the couple their all expenses paid trip to Switzerland. May and Lim were also presented complimentary Swatch watches.

A very happy Lim told us, "This was a complete, but a very pleasant surprise when May told me one evening that we had won a trip to Switzerland. We, and specially I, needed to get away to give a fresh start for ourselves. I am glad that we have been given that opportunity at the IRF by Kiss92,” while a smiling and extremely pleased May looked on.