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News |  19 Jun 2024 15:35 |  By RnMTeam

World's most iconic engagement rings: Ariana Grande's ring from Dalton Gomez is so iconic, people still talk about it today, jeweller reveals

MUMBAI: Ariana Grande, known for her powerful vocals and chart-topping hits, also possesses one of the most iconic engagement rings in recent history. The ring, gifted by her former fiancé Dalton Gomez, features a unique design and saw journalists around the world mention it across 6,389 articles.

This is according to the research conducted by British luxury jewellery retailer Chisholm Hunter, which examined 28 of the most famous celebrity engagement rings against three factors: historical interest, current relevance and global newsworthiness. The first pillar establishes the UK’s most popular rings of all time based on historical Google search volumes dating from 2004 among UK internet users. The second indicator measures current relevance using the past year’s average monthly online searches for each ring in the UK. Lastly, the third factor establishes which rings are most talked about in the news around the world.

Ariana Grande has the fourth most iconic engagement ring in the world. Ariana and Dalton Gomez announced their engagement in December 2020. Dalton, a luxury real estate agent, chose a ring that features an oval diamond alongside a pearl, which is believed to hold sentimental value to Ariana. Their engagement also captured the media's attention, with an astounding 6,389 articles mentioning the ring in question. A testament to the ring's iconic status is the fact that, over three years later, it is still on people's mind. The British public still search for it 1,900 per month, while, globally, this still happens 6,400 times..

Catherine, the Princess of Wales, has the most iconic engagement ring of all time, the study has found. The exquisite diamond-haloed royal blue sapphire ring once famously belonged to her mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Although family heirloom engagement rings are not unheard of in the UK, the ring’s origins are anything but ordinary. Unlike the current tradition for proposing partners to choose their future bride’s engagement ring, Princess Diana chose it herself from the royal jeweller Garrard. She skipped another royal tradition by not having it custom-made.

The buzz around it has toned down in the past year, with around 1,500 Google searches per month in the UK. However, historically, the British public has expressed the highest interest in the Princess of Wales’ engagement ring, even before Prince William proposed. UK online searches for it over the past two decades are about 50% higher than the next most Googled engagement rings: one bought by Dodi Fayed presumably for Princess Diana; and another belonging to British influencer Molly-Mae.

A total of 32,834 online articles worldwide mention Princess Diana’s and the Princess of Wales’ engagement ring, which is, surprisingly, not the highest global tally. Meghan Markle made more headlines with the ring Prince Harry proposed with, counting 40,081 online articles until April 17th, 2024.

In the overall ranking, Meghan Markle wears the second most iconic engagement ring in the world. It is the most talked-about engagement ring in online media around the world. Historically less searched in the UK, Meghan Markle’s ring stays relevant today with around 1,600 proactive Google searches per month over the past year. Prince Harry designed it himself, incorporating two diamonds that belonged to his mother, Princess Diana, on either side of a three-carat cushion-cut Botswana diamond.

Other engagement rings ranked in the study’s top ten most iconic of all time belong to Dodi Fayed, presumably for Princess Diana; Vick Hope; Hailey Bieber; Megan Fox, from Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly; Blake Lively; and Victoria Beckham.

Max Brown, Retail Director at Chisholm Hunter, comments: “Time and time again, we come to the conclusion that jewellery is, first and foremost, only as precious as the story behind it. Engagements are absolutely not about the ring – the ring is but an enduring keepsake to remind us over time of the moment two people in love decide to become partners for life. The world’s greatest diamond is worthless without the overwhelming feeling of ease in your heart that someone chooses to share their entire future together with just you by their side.”

 *Google searches for “engagement ring Dodi Fayed” ranked among UK’s top three over the past two decades. These most likely refer to the ring found at the scene of the accident in which Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed lost their lives. Although widely reported to be an engagement ring, this has never been confirmed.

The study was conducted by Chisholm Hunter, a leading UK luxury jewellery retailer.