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News |  12 Aug 2020 15:58 |  By RnMTeam

YouTuber James Charles faces flak for 'Insulting' classical Indian music

MUMBAI: Popular beauty guru, YouTuber James Charles has found himself in a pickle after he made his own version of a viral TikTok trend video wherein he uses filters to make faces with a popular Indian Classical music playing in the background. Netizens are infuriated accusing him of "insulting" classical Indian music.

The 13-second clip was tweeted out by the account @monstax4grammys and Twitter is fuming, ever since. People are slamming James Charles for mocking Indian classical music. However, TBH, it is actually a trend that many others are following and about a week ago a video was going viral made using this same tune in the background, except it featured a cat.

The music includes a popular bit of classical tune pulling high notes, except for this trend people use it to show as if one is screaming in pain. Some even use this music in sync with the filter to make it seem funny. People were, even more, irked that James Charles laughed in what is being called "derogatory" manner as the tune played and netizens believe it seemed that he was mocking the classical tune. @MONSTAX4GRAMMYS shared the video on Twitter with the caption that read: "James Charles honey you are not the Lata Mangeshkar or Shreya Ghoshal you think you are.."

Despite the backlash, it doesn’t look like Charles is letting the criticism get him down, as evidenced by his pointed response to the matter in an Instagram comment.

“1.8 million other people made this video, yet I’m the one getting cancelled lol,” he wrote. “I thought the filter was funny, not the song. The singing is impressive as hell, but I deleted the video because I obviously didn’t mean to offend.”

While Charles has since deleted the TikTok in question, some critics are clearly unhappy with his response; but this isn’t the first time the makeup mogul has been dragged into drama (2019, hello?), and it seems that he’s learned how to roll with the punches.

Also, recently the teaser of YouTuber James Charles and Say So singer-rapper, Doja Cat collaborating together grabbed headlines for being controversial. Ever since James Charles shared a sneak peek of his upcoming collab of some form wit Doja Cat, fans are only worried about their health. While it is not known what the "coming soon" collab is going to be but it has sure given rise to panic amid the fans who are worried that James Charles may contract coronavirus infection from Doja Cat who had recently tested positive with COVID-19.