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News |  11 Apr 2016 18:55 |  By RnMTeam

Reasons why singer Taher Shah is positive energy

MUMBAI: Taher Shah, the Hombre, who grabbed eyeballs, delighted ears and satiated souls with his first music video ‘EYE-To-EYE’ is over the internet again since the last weekend thanks to his new video ‘Angel’. All the love he is garnering from his cult followers is for being bad in a good way. The views for the song are increasing exponentially, even if it's just to have their funny bone tickled.

While the world mocks the man for his ginormous self-assurance, we analyse why people like Taher Shah are the need of the hour.

Before that we want you to know little bit about the singer.

Taher Shah is a Pakistani singer who shot to fame through his first single ‘Eye-To-Eye’ in 2013. He is a businessperson by profession but opted for singing later to accomplish his passion.

So why does the world love to hate him, or hate to love him?

Visual treat 

Whether it’s ‘Eye-To-Eye’ or ‘Angel’ Taher Shah  has always managed to give viewers a perceptible picture in motion. The location he chose for his new song is bang on, and literally gives the audience a feeling that they are in heaven, surrounded by ‘An-gels’.  

Gave English a new meaning

While everyone comprehends the sophisticated ‘English’ language, Taher Shah made it easier by building up his own language that sounds somewhat like English.

Awkwardly cool attire

He can woo the ladies with his dressing sense and guys envy him for the same reason.  Head to toe, Taher's dress sense is commendable for the way he puts on his glad rags.

Distinct representation

Call it love call it peace, the singer has his own way of representation. The mise-en-scene he designs being the singer, composer, director and all the titles attached to the song is extraordinary. He is undoubtedly a mega threat to other singers and music directors.

Spreading smiles across the globe

If you had a bad day or a bad life, switch on to one of his two songs to convert your mood within fraction of sections. These songs will definitely give you a million opportunities to giggle, chuckle or burst into laughter. Try it for once.

Uniting rivals- India and Pakistan

Who does not want to see the two rival nations together on friendly terms? What our respective governments cannot do, this man alone took the initiative by making people from both sides of borders sharing similar point of views about him on social media.