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Entertainment  |  22 Dec 2016

Taher Shah flees Pakistan after receiving death threats

MUMBAI: An Eye To Eye may make the whole world blind, but it surely made Taher Shah 2016’s one of the most viral subjects.

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Entertainment  |  13 Jun 2016

Have you met YouTube star Bhim Niroula yet?

MUMBAI: Gone are the days when Taher Shah ruled the clan. Meet singer Bhim Niroula who is far more entertaining, bee-auty-phul and A-tractibe.

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Entertainment  |  18 Apr 2016

How to become mankind's Angel in a few easy steps: YouTube channel Blush shows the way

MUMBAI: Are you still immune to Taher Shah’s magical music touch? Then you must be from Mars.

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Entertainment  |  14 Apr 2016

Take off on Taher Shah - the new celeb game in town

MUMBAI: By now, the entire universe knows the man with the deadly locks, the bohemian dressing style and the unworried attitude.

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Entertainment  |  11 Apr 2016

Reasons why singer Taher Shah is positive energy

MUMBAI: Taher Shah, the Hombre, who grabbed eyeballs, delighted ears and satiated souls with his first music video ‘EYE-To-EYE’ is over the intern

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