Biz  |  28 Feb 2024

‘Class Lagegi’ Campaign on Red FM’s Morning NO.1 Show with RJ Raunac

MUMBAI: India’s leading private radio and entertainment network, Red FM partnered with the Mental Health Foundation for its latest spike campaign o

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Biz  |  11 Jul 2016

Red FM's RJ Raunac conducts public campaign on World Population Day

MUMBAI: Red FM has come up with a first of its kind initiative on 11 July 2016, World Population Day.

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Biz  |  22 Jul 2015

Red FM's unique drive to support the 'Real Hero'of Delhi

NEW DELHI: Heroes walk in flesh and blood amongst us until they face their moment of reckoning.

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Entertainment  |  02 Jul 2014

Laughter riots on fifth day of July

MUMBAI: The preparation for the 'Paisa Vasool Entertainment with Kapil Sharma and RJ Raunac' is just about to wrap up as the venue is all ready to

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Entertainment  |  18 Jun 2014

'Paisa Vasool Entertainment with Kapil Sharma and RJ Raunac'on Red FM

NEW DELHI: Stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma, who has become a sensation with his weekly 'Comedy Nights', is now to appear on radio in 'Paisa Vasool E

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