| 25 Jun 2024
'Nariyal Paani' - Alibaug's first music festival will shape into a cultural festival

MUMBAI: Alibaug is getting ready to host its first music festival called 'Nariyal Paani', which will feature 8-10 artistes, and will be able to host around 1000 people. It is expected to take place on 21 February.

The festival is curated by Tanvi Gupta of the Lil Flea & Bohemyan Blue, and Sidhant Khanna, an art enthusiast, and is programmed by Gatecrash Founder Emmanuelle Decker. Gupta said, "We knew that we did not want EDM or trance for our festival. We did not want anything that is heavy but something that is melodious. It should be a festival that will be for everyone. That is when we approached Emmanuelle as she was into genres that were very relaxed."

Some of the artistes performing at the festival include, The Jass B'stards, Dharavi Rocks, Vivienne Pocha and Kefaya amongst others. In addition to this, the promoters are also running a social media contest that will give young, upcoming artistes and bands a chance to show their talent at the fest. The artistes can belong to different genres like blues, funk, groove, soul, world, reggae, hip hop, and beat-boxing. Artistes and bands have to submit their original work, and best ones will perform at the festival.

Commenting on the connection with the venue, Gupta said, "My partner and I are closely connected to Alibaug. We both work here and have been connected to the location from 2013, so we wanted to do something that would be cultural, exciting and new." Gupta revealed that Khanna and she will be able to manage the festival with ease because of close-knit local authorities who will help them logistically and for various permits.

Gupta has an interesting story to tell regarding the festival's name- 'Nariyal Paani'. She said that coconut is a universal fruit and they would like to make the festival a recurring cultural event where music will not be the only focus. "The festival will be primarily music, but it will not be the nerve every time. It is a cultural space that we are building to the existing community," revealed Gupta.

Both partners are investing in the project along with some assistance from friends. Gupta said, "As of now, we are putting in literally everything what we have, and we have friends who are not charging us the way they usually charge people for the services they are lending us."

Even though the venue can accommodate 2000 people, they plan to sell only 1000 tickets, which will be priced at Rs 1500. The festival will start at noon and continue till 10 pm.

Nariyal Paani will also showcase local artisans, live art installations and will have delicious local and international food. For festival attendees worried about travel and stay, the promoters will soon put up a list of economical accommodations on their social media. They will also be arranging ferries on the day of the festival from Churchgate to Mandwa.