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Entertainment  |  26 Jul 2021

Aastha Gill: Important to know what your audiences are liking

MUMBAI: Singer Aastha Gill has belted out several hits along with Badshah such as 'Buzz', 'Kareja kareja', 'DJ waley babu&

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Entertainment  |  18 Jun 2021

'Paani Paani' singer Aastha Gill: Badshah is more like a Family

MUMBAI: Musical power duo Aastha Gill and Badshah are back.

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Entertainment  |  11 Jun 2021

Jacqueline: Shot 'Paani paani' over two days in blazing Rajasthani desert heat

MUMBAI: Jacqueline Fernandez says she shot for her new music video "Paani paani" over two days in the blazing heat of Rajasthan.

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