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Entertainment  |  01 Oct 2021

New York-based contemporary musician & composer Shubh Saran releases first single ‘postradition’ off new album, inglish

MUMBAI: New York-based contemporary musician and composer Shubh Saran will release his second full-length album – fourth overall release – titled i

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Entertainment  |  10 Aug 2016

Drake declares love for Rihanna during concert

MUMBAI: Rapper Drake declared his love for singer Rihanna at a concert in New York in front of a huge crowd.

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Entertainment  |  13 Jun 2016

RJ Shadab to attend the first look of Love Life & Screw Ups!!! in New York

MUMBAI: Popular RJ and TV host Shadab Khan's most awaited debut web series as an actor called 'Love, Life & Screw Ups!!!' will have its first

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Entertainment  |  08 Jun 2016

Beyonce recalls Destiny's Child's tough beginnings

MUMBAI: Singer Beyonce Knowles has revealed high-end fashion labels were reluctant to work with her former band Destiny's Child at the beginni

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Entertainment  |  07 Jun 2016

Anupam Kher attends Woody Allen's concert

MUMBAI: Veteran actor Anupam Kher says one of the highlights of his stay here has been attending a jazz concert by filmmaker Woody Allen.

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Entertainment  |  28 May 2016

Rapper Troy Ave arrested for shooting at NY concert

MUMBAI: Rapper Troy Ave has been arrested for a shooting during a concert. The incident wounded four people, including himself.

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Entertainment  |  04 Apr 2016

Dossers' surge to glory continues with the success at Road to Converse Rubber Tracks 2.0

MUMBAI: Three days before David Kom and his brothers took a flight to Mumbai for the finals of Road to Converse Rubber Tracks 2.0, the frontman urg

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Entertainment  |  26 Mar 2016

Shaa'ir and Func + The F16's to headline the finale of Road to Converse Rubber Tracks in India

MUMBAI: Shaa'ir + Func and The F16's will headline the season two finale of ‘Road to Converse Rubber Tracks' in Mumbai on Friday, 1 April 2016 at

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Entertainment  |  03 Mar 2016

Is Ali Zafar in town?

MUMBAI: Remember the sexy Asian man who made it to your TV screen with the song 'Chano' and 'Sun Re Sajania'?

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Entertainment  |  23 Feb 2016

Farhan Akhtar to take Zinda Tour to US in May

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Farhan Akhtar's Zinda Tour will be heading to the United States of America, this May.

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Entertainment  |  20 Feb 2016

Junoon founder Salman Ahmed says he fondly remembers his first trip with his group to India

New Delhi: Renowned Pakistani musician-guitarist Salman Ahmed, who founded the famous Junoon group in his country in 1990, is acting for the first

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