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News |  14 Jun 2024 16:24 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Subhi talks "BILLO," Cultural Fusion, and upcoming projects

MUMBAI: Bringing Delhi’s Vibrancy to Los Angeles: The Inspiration Behind "BILLO"

Subhi’s latest music video, "BILLO," has successfully captured the vibrant energy of Delhi and transported it to Los Angeles. When asked about the creative process and inspiration behind this stunning video, Subhi reflects on her own life. Born in New Delhi and having lived a nomadic existence spanning from Delhi to New York, Chicago, and finally LA, she remains a true Desi at heart. Her unabashed love for Bollywood, chai, and butter chicken shines through in her work.

In the "BILLO" music video, Subhi presents various versions of a modern Indian girl who confidently embodies and proudly showcases elements of her culture. This girl has found the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.  

"BILLO" and the Inaugural Project ‘BROWN IS EVERYWHERE’

 The track "BILLO" perfectly aligns with the overall theme of DESI TRILL's inaugural project, 'BROWN IS EVERYWHERE.' Subhi explains that this project underscores the rising influence of brown artists who are transforming the music landscape. "BILLO" fits seamlessly into this narrative. Through this song, Subhi aims to inspire the next generation of girls, especially artists, to be bold and authentic. She hopes "BILLO" encourages young girls to embrace their culture proudly and incorporate it into their art. "It’s our time," she asserts.

Capturing Delhi in Los Angeles: Production Challenges and Cultural Authenticity

Filming a music video in Los Angeles while capturing the essence of Delhi was a unique challenge. Subhi shares that the initial ideas were wildly ambitious, and the team had immense fun brainstorming possibilities. They aimed to avoid clichéd representations of India, striving instead to infuse Indian elements in an authentic yet subtle manner. One example is the scene where chai is poured from a canter on a bar counter, hinting at Indian authenticity in a modern setting rather than using traditional cutting glasses. Subhi’s looks also incorporated Indian hints through her braid, hair accessories, and marigold flowers used as set decorations. These ideas required the team to think outside the box. Subhi credits the success of the music video to her talented team. Director Sameer, along with Natania, Aman, and Zaiyd, played a crucial role in shaping the direction and concept of the video. They collectively ensured the perfect balance between authenticity and creativity.

What’s Next for Subhi?

Subhi has many exciting projects in the pipeline. She has been working on a lot of new music set to release in the coming months. One of the upcoming singles is "Gulzar" by Natania, featuring Subhi, which she describes as one of her favorite songs. She eagerly awaits sharing this new music with the world.