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News |  15 Mar 2024 12:51 |  By RnMTeam

Soumita Saha's Holi themed song Rang De Rasiya is all set to weave magic

MUMBAI: Spring brings forth the Holi festival, a celebration of colors uniting people nationwide. This joyous occasion inspires new songs, like Soumita Saha's "Rang De Rasiya," enriching the festive atmosphere with its melodic charm. As communities gather, they paint the world with the vibrant hues of happiness and harmony, marking the essence of Holi.

"Rang De Rasiya" blends the traditional thumri style with the experimental flair of IDM, a subset of EDM. Soumita Saha, renowned for her EDM prowess, infuses the track with an Indo-occidental fusion, creating a unique musical experience. This genre-bending approach adds a fresh twist to the traditional rhythms of thumri, captivating listeners with its innovative sound. "Rang De Rasiya" stands out not just for its experimental musical style but also for its accompanying music video. Soumita Saha's fusion of folk art and digital animation adds a captivating twist to the song's narrative. This unique blend of Indo-occidental music and artistry transforms the track into a celebration of innovation and creativity. It's a testament to Soumita's ability to seamlessly merge diverse influences into a cohesive and visually stunning masterpiece. Even though she is best known for her contribution in Music Industry. Soumita is trained artist of International fame, her art work regularly gets exhibited in prestigious art galleries and art festivals in the country and Abroad. She has represented India in many exhibitions abroad held in locations like Peru, Portland Oregon and Venezuela. In a candid tete-a-tete the singer-composer reveals " After writing and composing "Rang De Rasiya," I struggled to translate my imaginative inspirations into tangible form. Each attempt at sketching them felt futile until one afternoon when the ideas effortlessly flowed onto paper. This experience taught me that creative concepts may reside in the mind, but bringing them to life requires patience and perseverance. " The song has been digitally released and distributed by MeloTunes.Soumita is all set to drop Rang De Rasiya on the week of " Holi " . The trailer of Rang De Rasiya is Streaming on Melotunes official YouTube from 15th March.