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News |  25 Jul 2022 15:17 |  By RnMTeam

B Praak & Rochak Kohli come together for 'Dhoke Pyaar Ke' featuring Khushali Kumar, Ehan Bhat & Vardhan Puri!

MUMBAI: Bhushan Kumar is all set to bring audiences the most soulful track of the season 'Dhoke Pyaar Ke' for which he has roped in a musical dream team! Composed by Rochak Kohli, with vocals by B Praak and lyrics by Rashmi Virag, the heartbreak song stars Khushali Kumar, Ehan Bhat and Vardhan Puri and takes audiences through a narrative of love that's lost and found.

Shot at some picturesque locales in Goa, the music video directed by Mohan boasts of some breathtaking visuals, intimate moments and a story that promises to keep you hooked.

Talking about the song says producer Bhushan Kumar, "With B Praak's soulful vocals on Rashmi Virag's hard-hitting lyrics and Rochak Kohli's beautiful melody, 'Dhoke Pyaar Ke' will definitely make an impact on listeners. It's a heart-wrenching story and audiences are going to love this one."

Says singer B Praak, "A heartbreak song always demands more from you as an artist because you have to emote those feelings in your vocals. Rochak has done an incredible job on the music and the track stays with you much after you've heard it."

Adds Rochak Kohli, "B Praak's vocals are haunting in this track and he's completely nailed it - The melody of 'Dhoke Pyaar Ke' is simple and yet has a great hook. Hoping audiences will enjoy it."

Says Khushali Kumar, “Dhoke Pyaar Ke' is a beautiful song and is relatable especially to the youth and young working adults."

Adds Ehan Bhat, "It was a wonderful experience working on this song with Khushali Kumar and Vardhan Puri. We all had a great time filming 'Dhoke Pyaar Ke' which we shot at some fantastic spots."

Adds Vardhan Puri, "A song like this is challenging because it has to perfectly capture the dynamics between 3 people and I think we managed to do that well. It was a pleasure teaming up with Khushali and Vardhan on this track."

Says director Mohan, “There is so much storytelling in this music video even though it’s a few minutes and Khushali, Vardhan and Ehan have really brought this story to life.”

Bhushan Kumar brings you the heart break track of the season 'Dhoke Pyaar Ke' sung by B Praak, with music by Rochak Kohli and lyrics by Rashmi Virag. Starring Khushali Kumar, Ehaan Bhatt and Vardhan Puri, the song is out now on T-Series' YouTube channel.