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News |  14 Dec 2020 18:43 |  By RnMTeam

Liam Payne opens up on when One Direction reunion will take place

MUMBAI: ONE DIRECTION fans have been calling for a reunion between the five members of the band for years. Many of the former stars have spoken about a reunion in the past, and now Liam Payne has once again given his take on if and when One Direction will get back together.

One Direction enjoyed an incredible career beginning in 2010. The five-piece were placed together in The X Factor, and went on to claim third place in the competition before carving out an incredible career for themselves afterwards. The band eventually split in 2015, five years after they formed, but not before selling over 50 million albums worldwide, and touring the globe through a handful of tours. Five years after the band’s split, fans have been dying to learn of any new information about any sort of reunion in the near future.

Each of the band members have been asked various times in the past about a potential reunion, with the likes of Niall Horan saying a reunion is “inevitable”.

The latest member of the band to be asked this exact question is Liam Payne.

Liam recently appeared on Capital FM to discuss last night’s annual event The Capital Jingle Bell Ball.

During his chat he was asked if there was “any chance” of the band getting back together.

Liam did not hesitate in answering, and even gave fans a lot of hope for the future.

He jokingly said: “Ooh for Christmas? Who knows!”

Liam then explained: “I definitely think in the future there’s time for it.

“But I think everyone is enjoying doing their own solo stuff right now.”

Liam added: “I mean it’s always hard to speak on behalf of everyone because I feel like I get asked this more than any of the rest of the boys.

“But yeah, you know we’ve spoken a lot more over the time of COVID, I’d say more than any time we’ve spoken before, which has been great.”

He clarified: “But yeah, some time in the future I’m sure.”

While that isn’t a perfect clarification of the band’s reunion, it is certainly the best evidence fans have received so far.

This doesn’t, however, give any sort of firm dates or timescale on when the band might return to working together - so fans will have to wait and see.

Liam’s comments are accurate, though, as earlier this year both Niall and Louis Tomlinson released brand new albums, titled Heartbreak Weather and Walls, respectively.

Similarly Harry Styles has been enjoying some great success this year with his 2019 album Fine Line.

Last month he was even nominated for three Grammy Awards for the ceremony taking place in January, 2021.