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News |  30 Jul 2020 16:13 |  By RnMTeam

Composer-singer Harshit Saxena unites with lyricist Soumya Vajpayee for a Friendship Day anthem

MUMBAI: Friendship Day is around the corner (August 2) and what would be a better way of celebrating it than humming a soulful song for your best friend. Composer-singer Harshit Saxena and lyricist Soumya Vajpayee have put together a special friendship anthem, titled Mujhko Meri Yaari, which is laden with the essence of friendship.

Talking about the song, Harshit says, “I have always been a strong believer in the organic, old-school way of composing songs, where the lyrics are written first and then the tune is made. I’m glad I finally got to follow that approach for this one. When Soumya sent the first draft to me, I was touched and felt that the words perfectly described everything that a true friend stands for. Very few writers are capable of saying something very meaningful in a simple and crisp manner. I think Soumya’s lyrics fit the bill perfectly. As soon as I read the words, I was certain that this had to be composed and released for everyone to enjoy.”

The composer took about a couple of minutes to come up with the hookline as soon as he read the lyrics and about 15 days to finish the song. And for Soumya, penning the lyrics was a special journey. “I am blessed with true friends and thinking about them was enough to have my pen going. I’m fond of Urdu-Hindi poetry, hence the song encompasses both the languages. I wanted to keep the words simple, so that anyone could sing the track easily. And Harshit has done a phenomenal job in complementing the lyrics with a soulful tune and voice. The track is low-scale, so it’s easy to hum. I hope everyone embraces our song like their own,” she says.

Unlike most music videos that feature the creators and artistes, and have a storyline, this song is all about the fans. The team ran a contest so that the audience could participate in the music video. Harshit says, “We ran a contest online and invited people to share pictures with their best buddies. Our mailbox was flooded in no time. We are glad that people are already feeling a belongingness towards the song. Choosing a few pictures from thousands was tough.”