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News |  23 Jan 2018 15:44 |  By RnMTeam

The word 'Coca-Cola' rhymed with one of my lyrical lines: Tony Kakkar on 'Coca Cola Tu'

MUMBAI: Tony Kakkar’s Desi Music Factory had released Coca Cola Tu, a romantic track featuring Young Desi and it has caught the attention of many. The track has been well appreciated by the audience as it’s crossed 13 million views in just four days.

“It has been a great experience. When I first created the track, I played it to Neha (Kakkar) and Sonu (Kakkar) and they loved it. Coca Cola Tu is for the younger generation. Desi Music Factory director Anshul Garg also liked the track and it was his idea to shoot it abroad. We shot this song in Los Angeles,” says Tony.

Coca Cola Tu the song title will definitely make you think whether the beverage brand invested in the song, but Tony clears the air, “I was explaining the beauty in the track and the word ‘Coca Cola’ just rhymed with tujhe gat gat main pee loon, so that’s how the word Coca-Cola came into the picture.”

“The people who have produced Game Of Thrones have also directed and produced Coca Cola Tu, well it was an amazing experience,” Tony further adds.

On his collaboration with Young Desi the singer states, “Well he’s a Desi Music Factory artiste. So I made the song and Anshul Garg suggested collaboration with Young Desi to which I completely agreed. He is a Pakistani and has just started singing a few years back. His vocabulary and writing are different. Words like Lakad Bagga, Dishkam, Val Zafarwal have been used in his rap which are unique.”

The track is on the ‘trending list’ since its release, “Coca Cola Tu is trending on YouTube in Pakistan on number seven, Canada at number four and India at number eight,” Tony informs.

Well, the singer’s future plans are in place. He has already collaborated with T-Series on a few Bollywood projects.

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