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News |  27 Nov 2017 15:24 |  By RnMTeam

It's my nature that comes out in my work: Tanishk Bagchi


MUMBAI: Bollywood’s famous composer Tanishk Bagchi who is the name of almost every recreated song today, will be releasing nine singles in 2018. For this, he has worked with Vayu, best known for his lyrical compositions.

“The singles are based on breakups, social stuff under different space. The songs will not have any glamorous idea because we do not believe in it. It will be simple, about us, our lives, how we live, how we travel and more. Basically, the singles are based on Tanishq and Vayu’s life,” said the music composer.

We all have seen sad post-breakup stories but ever thought about a contradictory situation? Well, the duos first single will talk about post-breakup proximity.

The Banno Tera Swagger hitmakers have been making quirky songs and the most recent product of this quirkiness is Manva Likes To Fly from Tumhari Sullu. “Vayu and I concentrate more on songwriting and later go on production.  So, we sit together and brainstorm the lyrics. Once the lyrics are done I sit on the production. Manva Likes To Fly is also written by us. We kept thinking about something on the parameters of being free and then we came up with this,” said Bagchi.

He added, “Quirkiness has always been on our mind. In the process of working on such songs, we talk to each other in quirky language. So, whenever we have a situation like such, it easily pops out.”

The duo recently recreated Raat Baaki Baat Baaki for Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Khanna and Siddharth Malhotra starrer film Iteffaq Se.  Elaborating on the recreation process of this iconic song the Twist Kamariya composer stated,“While working on Raat Baki I faced a lot of difficulties because the movie is mysterious. I tried a lot of tracks before settling on this song but nothing was fitting right. The name itself is quirky, it’s like something is going to happen, so giving it a mysterious feel and we created the song in the best way.”

The composer has not only worked on recreations but also originals. There are certain aspects one lists down while working on a song. Bagchi shares his secret element behind producing hit after hit. He said, “Whenever I am given a song and its situation, I go deep within that. I keep myself in that situation and understand its demand. There is no secret element; it’s my nature that comes out in my work. I believe our nature reflects in whatever talent we have. In any creative field your nature has to portray your work, only then you’ll retain the essence of your work.”

Furthermore, Bagchi revealed that it’s the toughest to work on recreations. “This is because the song is already there. The main hard work lies in how do you retain the melody and add your chunk. It is a little tough for me, but somehow all the songs we have recreated till now we have tried maintaining it. The thing is, the earlier melodies are so strong, that we have to be very careful while adding our stuff. It should not change the mood, all this has to be taken into consideration while recreating a song,” ended the Humma Humma composer.