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News |  27 Oct 2015 20:53 |  By RnMTeam

Sycorax to release new album titled æSycotherapyÆ this December

MUMBAI: Darjeeling-based Death Metal band, Sycorax, is all geared up to release a new album titled ‘Sycotherapy’. The seven-track album covers various themes ranging from politics to life in general, and the sound is much heavier than the band’s earlier work. Having been around the metal scene in India since 2011, Sycorax has evolved as a band and so has its sound.

Speaking about the new album, vocalist Trivinesh Subba says, “The band’s sound is constantly evolving. We started out as a groove-metal band, and now we are more of a death-metal band with influences from all its sub genres, so the sound of the album is heavier than what it was when we started out. There is no particular theme or story to the album. Each song was written at a different point of time during our journey and it reflects the situation we were at then.”

‘Designing Eradication’, a single which was released in 2013, and ‘Nocnitsa’, one of the band’s earliest works, will also appear on the album. Both tracks were also part of the EP ‘Psychedelic Evolution’. “The oldest song on the album is 'Nocnitsa. It was written about three or four years ago, but like all our other material, this too has undergone a lot of transformation as our music has evolved. We love all the songs on the album; each has its own charm,” Subba added.

Recorded at Lucid Recess Studio, Guwahati ‘Sycotherapy’ is currently in the mixing/mastering stage, and the band has already released its artwork, which has been designed by Brazilian artist Jean Michel. Sycorax has also been approached by record labels and distribution companies, but is in preliminary stages of negotiation.

Touring in support of ‘Sycotherapy’ is also a prospect the singer revealed. The band plans to cover most major cities in India, local areas, north-east India, and Nepal. “We are planning the tour on our own, but are working with event organisers, who are well known in the underground metal scene,” Subba added.

Having played numerous live gigs in the county, this year Sycorax also achieved one of its biggest milestones yet- playing at Wacken Open Air. In spite of funding being a hindrance for Wacken, the band pulled it off with some help from the local Government, coupled with own finances. Commenting on the experience, Subba said, “It was an amazing experience; from the management team to the bands, the fans, the cult and everything about it was just wonderful. We played at the WET stage and were the first band on the very first day. We managed to get a small funding from our local GTA government, and the rest we had to finance on our own, which was totally worth it. In fact, we planned to release ‘Sycotherapy’ this June but had to postpone it due to preparation for Wacken. We were fortunate to be able to meet Cannibal Corpse and many other bands we never thought we would get to meet.”

Apart from Sycorax, the band members are also involved in teaching music and organising events. The album release and tour is the top priority at the moment, and the band is giving all it can for the band’s growth. ‘Sycotherapy’ is expected to release in December this year, but there is no date set for it yet.