Entertainment  |  28 Dec 2018

2018 - A great year for metal, but rock is not dead!

MUMBAI: The year bore witness to a plethora of new material from various metal artistes.

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Entertainment  |  27 Jul 2018

We are happy bunch of musicians making metal music: Festacorn band

MUMBAI: Festacorn, makes some fabulous music that has struck the right chord with today’s youth.

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Biz  |  15 Mar 2018

Radio City Freedom Awards 5.0 urges for the Best Indie Music Artistes votes

MUMBAI: ‘Jockey presents Radio City Freedom Awards 5.0 driven by Skoda’, the search for India’s greatest independent music artistes, gears up for

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Entertainment  |  19 Apr 2017

Magnetic Fields 2017 to bring historical and contemporary cultures of UK and India

MUMBAI: Since its debut in 2013, Magnetic Fields has grown to be one of the region’s most exciting, contemporary music and arts festival.

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Biz  |  04 Jul 2016

Bajaao launches new initiative - 'Friends of Bajaao'

Mumbai: Since its inception in 2005, BAJAAO has grown to become one of the most recognised and respected brands in the music industry.

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Entertainment  |  19 Jun 2016

ROOTS Preview: A sitar-infused metal night and the return of the good ol' days

MUMBAI: Not to compare, but the second ROOTS night at the antiSocial Khar has managed to raise a bit of excitement and offers diversity through its

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Entertainment  |  27 May 2016

Gig Preview: Black Blood returns with the second edition

MUMBAI: Remember how two young metal musicians from Mumbai organised a DIY gig on a hot Sunday afternoon urging for full support and power?

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Biz  |  04 May 2016

Can antiSocial be the new safe haven for Mumbai metallers?

MUMBAI: For over two decades, the promoters for the live music in Mumbai have had a bittersweet experience with the inconsistent growth of the

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Entertainment  |  09 Apr 2016

No college gigs? No problem. Two metalheads show the way

MUMBAI: In the past 15 years, Navi Mumbai has gradually stepped up in several sectors to provide an alternative to Mumbai's festering issues.

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Entertainment  |  02 Mar 2016

Workshop to shut down, and here's why you should care

MUMBAI: To create a band that could lead to a loyal fan base has never been an easy task for metal musicians in the country, and to do so for a sub

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Entertainment  |  04 Feb 2016

Dutch fest Fortarock 2016 cancels Anselmo's act

Mumbai: Phil Anselmo's troubles with the recent racism episode continues to haunt him.

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