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News |  27 Jul 2018 14:49 |  By RnMTeam

We are happy bunch of musicians making metal music: Festacorn band

MUMBAI: Festacorn, makes some fabulous music that has struck the right chord with today’s youth. It comprises of five members, Akhil Nargundkar on bass, Angad Bhatia and Vaibhav Shejwal on the guitars, Chinmay Deshpande on drums and Vivek Jha on vocals. They play, write and sing metal music, but with a happy vibe; an irony. Their music is a happy amalgamation of many genres of music and hence the band likes to call them as Sexy Metal.

The band is now coming up with their Extended Play Record (EP) in mid-August. While the vibe of the band is happy, the tracks in this EP go a little deeper in human mind.

“When we started, we were, never, in a hurry to perform live shows and record songs. We first started writing songs. And, after we had written many songs, we zeroed down on these five songs. These five songs explore dark side of human beings; like narcissism, insomnia, split disorder etc. Though the subjects are heavy, we have made it lighter with our music. These emotions or thoughts are natural; hence the name of the EP is It’s Only Natural.”

These tracks will be available on all the music streaming platforms in mid-August, through varying influences ranging from classic rock, death metal, grunge, nu metal, progressive metal and djent; a fresh new sound.

When it comes to metal music, the guitarist of the band, Angad says, “The usual perception about metal is that it is very aggressive and loud. Festacorn, as a band, believes in creating music that is happier. We are happy bunch of musicians making metal music. Also, our band name, Festacorn, doesn’t have any heavy and cryptic meaning, but has no meaning at all. So, it’s up to you to interpret the way you want to.”

Remembering the inception of band, Angad further said, “The lead vocalist and other guitarist Vaibhav and Akhil approached me. Slowly we got the drummer and bassist, also, on board.”

Festacorn has played at various prestigious venues in Mumbai and Delhi like Finch, Hard Rock Cafe amongst others, along with a plethora of college shows. The band attempts to provide a little bit more than the usual metal moshing experience.