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Features |  15 Aug 2016 10:30 |  By RnMTeam

These countries were once part of India; Know their National Anthem now

MUMBAI: History of India is more like the Pierian spring as described in Alexander Pope's poem 'An Essay on Criticism'. The moment you try to untangle Indian history, you confront another fact. Thus, you can never gain complete knowledge.

The countries which we consider as independent bodies now were once part of India. Some divided by British rule and some by the dynasties.

This Independence Day, give independence to your thoughts and respect the countries which were once a part of India by listening to their National Anthems.

Pakistan, Qaumi Taranah

The Muslim League under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah demanded the creation of a separate independent state, when the British decided to leave India. The demand led to India being divided into two. The division took place in the same year as our independence - 1947, giving birth to a new nation Pakistan.

Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day a day before India on 14th August.

Ahmed Ghulamali Chagla composed the Pakistani national anthem.

Bangladesh, Amar Sonar Bangla

Before Independent India, 1947 both Pakistan and East Bengal (now Bangladesh) were a part of Indian Princely States. Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation in 1971 after achieving independence from Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War.

Bangladesh's National Anthem is part of a Bengali song with the same title, written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1905.

Afganistan, Milli Surood

In March 1739, Nader Shah's army defeated the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah at the Battle of Karnal and took control of northern India. Nader Shah's raid had an important consequence. Afghanistan, which had been a part of India, was cut off and it became a part of Nadir Shah's dominions.

The lyrics of Afganistan's National Anthem are written by Abdul Bari Jahani and the music is by German-Afghan composer Babrak Wassa.

Finally, wishing you all a Happy 70th independence Day. We wish, this Independence Day, our thoughts get freedom and we stand united.