Entertainment  |  01 Dec 2022

Groove Cruise will celebrate its 20th anniversary with historic sailing in 2024

MUMBAI: Whet Travel’s flagship event Groove Cruise will celebrate 20 years on the open sea in 2024, adventuring from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay in

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Entertainment  |  11 Sep 2020

Markus Schulz, London Thor and Valentino Alessandrini's 'Feel Alive' out now!

MUMBAI: Markus Schulz’s single-introduction to his new album, ‘Escape’ comes by way of its out-today overture ‘Feel Alive’.

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Entertainment  |  22 Apr 2020

Markus Schulz & Daimy Lotus ‘Are You With Me’

MUMBAI: ‘Indestructible’ in name and nature, with its Feb-released/Adina Butar-sung first single, Markus Schulz gave us a big open for his upcoming

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Entertainment  |  02 Dec 2019

Markus Schulz - 'In Search Of Sunrise' - The Singles

MUMBAI: With his second helming of an ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ complete and on full release, the next few weeks will see Markus Schulz place the spot

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Entertainment  |  08 Nov 2019

Markus Schulz and Haliene releases new track 'Ave Maria'

MUMBAI: With Ave Maria, Markus Schulz has given clubland a track unlike any other in 2019.

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Entertainment  |  31 Jan 2019

KSHMR to headline Sunburn Klassique

MUMBAI: Indian-American DJ and record producer KSHMR will be headlining electronic dance music festival Sunburn Klassique.

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Photos  |  19 Dec 2017

EVC 2017: Day 1 & 2

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Entertainment  |  18 Dec 2017

EVC 2017: Massive production, spectacular performances

MUMBAI: Do you remember the 70s and 80s Hindi film scenes where a man with half his shirt buttons open and pants rolled up used to march up from on

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Entertainment  |  13 Dec 2017

Six reasons to attend EVC Mumbai 2017

MUMBAI:  EVC in Mumbai for the first time this year is just two days away from giving a lifetime experience at NESCO Centre on 16 and 17 December.

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Entertainment  |  22 Nov 2017

Comio EVC Mumbai 2017 announces 48 hour Flash Sale for their fans

MUMBAI: Comio EVC this year has a lot of things to offer its fans that includes being their first two-day concert in Mumbai.

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Entertainment  |  27 Apr 2017

Bliss out with JES's dreamy new track 'Carry Me Away'

MUMBAI: The same captivating, soulful voice that redefined the electronic dance music landscape with classics like ‘As the Rush Comes’ and ‘Lettin

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