Entertainment  |  16 Aug 2018

Maati Baani's 'Tum Jo Miley' portrays each emotion with a different instrument

MUMBAI: Maati Baani, who is known for their innovative use of traditional folk music in their groovy tracks, has come up with an album, Ru Ba R

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Entertainment  |  15 Feb 2018

I am still at the jaunt of creating music; I am still learning: Linsey Pollak

MUMBAI: Linsey Pollak, a well-known Australian musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator.

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Entertainment  |  13 Jan 2017

Maati Baani releases 'Mhaari Re Mangetar' featuring Alaa Wardi; another social-media led solidarity

MUMBAI: Another virtual collaboration by Maati Baani, this time string up a Middle Eastern twist to a classic Rajasthani folk song.

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