| 26 Jun 2022
MY FM creates a show for women of Maharashtra

MUMBAI: New radio stations are being launched with every phase of FM radio and the aim of all these radio stations constantly remains to offer its listeners something out-of-the-box. In an attempt to provide something unique to its listeners in Maharashtra, MY FM offers women based show ‘The Mukta Barve Show’.

The show will be hosted by actress and a national award winner, Mukta Barve. The women oriented show will talk about everything related to a woman. From relationship problems to puberty, from seasonal fashion to how to bargain in a shop, The Mukta Barve Show will offer everything that a woman would love to know.

The show has been designed on the bases of women listeners’ votes that were collected during My FM’s special campaign ‘Aapki marzi ka radio station’. “We spoke to different radio stations and listeners. We also ran 50 days of a survey, targeting the localites. The result showed that the listeners wanted a show exclusively for women. So we came up with a concept where the listeners see it as a show designed by them,” said MY FM CEO Harish Bhatia.

Mukta Barve is one of the most popular celebrities with an established career in Marathi Films. The show asked for a strong personality as a radio jockey and so they choose Mukta to be a part of it. She is a personality who every woman looks up to.

On taking up the role of an RJ, Mukta stated, “More than the show the concept around the radio show is what excited me. It has reached the state which is a plus point; this is also what me towards the show.”

She further added, “The show certainly gives a boost to the women who can come and talk to me like a sister, like a daughter. They can come forward and discuss their thoughts concerns, ideas, issues and move towards finding a friend in me.”

Moving towards the content of the show, apart from talks related to women, the music offered to each city will be different. Aurangabad station will have Ghazals, Nashik station will be more towards International music and the rest will have a mixture of Bollywood and Marathi music.

The Mukta Barve show will air on MY FM 94.3, Monday to Saturday, 12 pm to 1 pm.