Biz  |  28 Mar 2017

MBL winds up FM Phase III launches; rebrands Radio Mantra stations as Radio City

MUMBAI: Jagran Prakashan Group promoted Music Broadcast Ltd (MBL) announced the launch of its 11 new radio stations acquired under Phase III auctio

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Biz  |  10 Feb 2017

Radio City's Patiala station gets change in frequency

NEW DELHI: The FM station of Music Broadcast Ltd, Radio City in Patiala would henceforth be available on 91.1 frequency.

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Biz  |  15 Dec 2016

FM P-III: Second batch e-auctions stopped; no activity for two weeks

NEW DELHI: With little or no movement for more than two weeks except for the Muzaffarpur bids, the e-auction for the second batch of FM Phase has b

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Biz  |  09 Dec 2016

FM Phase III: E-auction at virtual standstill even as Muzaffarpur rises to more than Rs 40 million

NEW DELHI: The e-auction in the second batch of FM Phase III appears to have reached a near standstill with the entire exercise become Muzaffarpur-

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Biz  |  07 Dec 2016

FM Phase III auctions postponed to 9 December, following demise of Jayalalitha

NEW DELHI: The e-auctions in the second batch of FM Phase III, which completed its 24th day 5 December 2016, will now resume on 9 December 2016.

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Biz  |  03 Dec 2016

FM Phase III: Muzaffarpur jump to over Rs 27 crore revives hope for FM in smaller towns

NEW DELHI: With a big jump to Rs 2,77,82,803, Muzaffarpur has raised hopes that smaller tows can also attract bidders in the ongoing FM Phase III a

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Biz  |  02 Dec 2016

FM Phase III: MuzaffarpurÆs rise over Rs 20 crore revives faith for FM in smaller town

NEW DELHI: Muzaffarpur con tinues to be the only shining light by leaping to Rs 2,28,56,982 from Rs 1,88,04,498 yesterday in an otherwise tepid au

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Biz  |  30 Nov 2016

FM Phase III: Muzaffarpur may cross Rs 20 crore even as auction slows down

NEW DELHI: The bid for Muzaffarpur is expected to touch Rs 20 million in a day or two with the figure reaching Rs 1,88,04,498 today against Rs 1,5

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Biz  |  29 Nov 2016

FM Phase III: Auction appears to be confined to Muzaffarpur with 44 cities still to attract bids

NEW DELHI: While Muzaffarpur continues to show a rise with price percentage increment at five on the twentieth day with the completion of a total

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Biz  |  29 Nov 2016

FM Phase III: Muzaffarpur continues to rise and crosses Warangal as 44 cities still get zero bids

NEW DELHI: With forty-four cities still failing to attract any bidders, Muzaffarpur continued to show a rise for the fourth day with the bid touchi

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Biz  |  26 Nov 2016

Reserve price for the second batch of FM Phase III is more than around Rs 3600 million over the last phase

NEW DELHI: The total reserve price for the second batch of FM Phase III auctions which commenced on 26 October 2016 is Rs 9,159.1 million in 92 cit

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