Entertainment  |  06 Jul 2020

Society Tea presents, two brand new episodes of #soundsofsociety season 2

MUMBAI: A celebrated household name, Society Tea, in association with Urban Beat Project, curated by Laiq Qureshi, recently announced the launch o

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Biz  |  27 Jun 2020

We believe artists needs just one thing to become an artist and that is ‘Talent': Karan Shah Director Society Tea

MUMBAI: Society Tea's music property called Sounds of Society is a step towards a genre-free, no-rules, and an all-inclusive approach to presentin

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Entertainment  |  29 Mar 2019

Boxout Weekender announces line-up for 2019 edition

MUMBAI: Boxout.fm turns two with a three-day celebration featuring an all-Indian line-up of DJs and live acts in Delhi from April 5-7; show hosts

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Entertainment  |  29 Jan 2019

Reggae festival Goa Sunsplash announces dates for 2020 edition

MUMBAI: After completing a fantastic fourth edition over 12-13 January which was attended by over 2200 people of 40 different nationalities Goa Su

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Entertainment  |  18 Jan 2017

GOAT Festival '17 gets butted out of venue, courtesy Goa elections

MUMBAI: The boutique music and arts festival GOAT Festival 2017 scheduled to be held from 27-29 January announced a change in format with reduced

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Entertainment  |  21 Dec 2016

Goa Sunsplash announces its massive line up

MUMBAI: Goa Sunsplash, an international reggae festival held in Anjuna, North Goa, has announced the line-up for its second edition in January 2017

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Entertainment  |  15 Jul 2016

Gig review: The Ska Vengers at antiSocial Mumbai

MUMBAI: antiSocial Khar has had nights absolutely buzzing with excitement and curiosity, but rarely (or perhaps, never) on a Thursday night.

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Entertainment  |  01 Jan 2016

A brief recap of Supersonic '15

MUMBAI: VH1 Supersonic set its base for the third time on the sands of Candolim Beach and fans paid between Rs 3,500 and Rs 15,000 to experience,

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Entertainment  |  12 Dec 2015

Reggae finds a new hope, thanks to Delhi Sultanate's unique initiative

MUMBAI: Taru Dalmia's lifelong passion for Jamaican music began at a very early age- fifteen to be precise.

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Entertainment  |  04 Oct 2015

Red Bull Tour Bus æOff The Roof 2015Æ called off

MUMBAI: Over 4000 fans were left disappointed after the highly anticipated Red Bull Tour Bus #OffTheRoof 2015 gig had to be cancelled due to unfore

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Entertainment  |  17 Jul 2015

The Ska Vengers to release new song and video, 'Frank Brazil'

MUMBAI: India’s first ska band The Ska Vengers will release their new song and video, ‘Frank Brazil’ on 31 July to commemorate the 75th death anniv

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