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News |  11 Jun 2024 17:44 |  By RnMTeam

Artist Jatin and Wings launches his Sufi Folk Tales - A Fusion of Music and Culture supported by MG Taal and IndieA Records

MUMBAI: Jatin and Wings musical vision through his Sufi Folk Tales comes to life with the support from MG India’s musical initiative - MG Taal and label partner - IndieA RecordsThis innovative project merges the rich traditions of Sufi and Rajasthani folk music with modern sounds and themes. Spearheaded by composer and lyricist Jatin, the endeavour aims to create a unique auditory experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences globally.

Sufi Folk Tales by Jatin and Wings is a collection of songs that encapsulate the essence of Indian heritage and cultural diversity. Under this project, Jatin has composed and produced three captivating tracks that showcase the beauty and depth of Sufi and folk music. Each song is a testament to Jatin's passion for storytelling and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity.

The first single from Sufi Folk Tales, Moko Kahan Dhoonde, features child prodigy Thanu Khan, a 10-year-old from Suwala Village, located 80 km from the Pakistan border. Inspired by a bhajan by Kabir, the song explores the way to experience God and His presence. Jatin will be also releasing two more songs under this project- Mann Ki Gathri & Tu Dekh Tamasha with Arif khan rodu & Moti khan as the lead vocalists respectively. Each track seamlessly blending traditional melodies with contemporary sounds to offer listeners a truly immersive experience. To make this project more authentic and real, Jatin travelled to the remotest parts of Rajasthan and spent months with the artists to bring out the best music for the audience. He also recorded and shot the videos at the artists’ homes.

Speaking about the project, Jatin shared, "I have always been drawn to the power of music to evoke emotions and inspire change. With The Folk Project, I wanted to create something that celebrates the rich tapestry of Indian music while offering a fresh perspective that speaks to modern audiences. This project is a labour of love, and I am grateful to IndieA Records and MG Taal for their support in bringing it to life."

Sumedhas Rajgopal, Head – Independent Artist Collective, Universal Music India, said, "We are delighted to partner with Jatin and Wings on this groundbreaking project. At Universal Music India, we are passionate about supporting emerging talent and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Sufi Folk Tales is a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and unite people from all walks of life."

Speaking about the announcement, Udit Malhotra, Head of Marketing, MG Motor India said, “The genesis of MG Taal was rooted in celebrating the harmony of innovation, culture, and creativity, and as we continue to redefine the boundaries of musical expression. This synergy with IndieA Records transcends boundaries, crafting a timeless experience that resonates with people. More than just music, it is a journey syncing smooth melodies with the pulse of the road, navigating the intersections of innovation and tradition.”

Jatin and Wings is no stranger to the world of music, with a diverse background that spans genres and mediums. From his early days with a metal band signed with Universal Records and MTV to his recent ventures in writing and composing for popular platforms like TVF, Netflix, and Pocket Aces, Jatin's journey has been marked by creativity and innovation. It was during his extensive travels across Rajasthan during the pandemic that he discovered a newfound appreciation for the region's folk music, laying the foundation for The Folk Tales.

This collaboration underscores the shared values of creativity, innovation, and community engagement that define both IndieA Records and MG Motor India, highlighting their commitment to promoting artistic vision and cultural diversity. MG has been using music to deliver exciting experiences to its customers, the brand has developed an entire architecture around music, including the Sonic Identity of the brand, the brand-aligned music at its showrooms, and its brand anthem.