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News |  14 Apr 2022 13:51 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Yung Raja shakes RCB Bar & Café with his performance at event 560001

MUMBAI: Viral singer Yung Raja performs at event 560001 at RCB Bar & Café, Bangalore.

RCB Bar & Café, India’s top cocktail bar is bringing back its flagship event 560001 for its third edition. Started in 2020, the 560001 is a premier event that looks to bring Hip Hop into the Heart of Bangalore at RCB Bar & Cafe located on Church Street. This year, on the 3rd of April 2022, the event brought the Internationally known Singaporean-Tamil rapper and songwriter Yung Raja and other up and coming artists in the same genre - Clifr and Tin Tin with their new Album 'Meet Me Halfway', Rudy Mukta and a closing act by Rahul Avadhani.

Yung Raja’s latest single ‘Spice Boy’ debuted on Spotify’s Viral 50 Singapore & Malaysia charts a day after its release. Following the release of his debut single “Mustafa”. Yung Raja’s third single “The Dance Song '' gained traction in Singapore, Malaysia and India, with the track garnering over 6 million views on the official TikTok challenge.

Check the interview below:

What can we expect from your performance?

"They can expect to turn up, turn all the way up. All of my productions, all of my songs bang. One thing that I love about my songs is, when I'm making my songs, all I'm thinking of is 'how will this shake the club? Will this song shake the club?' And to be able to play them in a venue like this after two years of not being able to hear these songs in a speaker like that. They can expect to party hard. I got some bangers coming. I'm here to shake this place up. I'm not here to joke around."

What's your process for dealing with performance anxiety?

"Meditation. Right before the show, I try to meditate for at least 20-40 minutes for sure. Really just try to visualise all the things I would be seeing because those are the things that give you butterflies and give you anxiety. If you can meditate and sit through those emotions, you become calm."

How do you feel performing in such a vibrant place like RCB Bar & Cafe?

"Can't wait to see the people of Bangalore. Can't wait to feel their love. RCB Bar & Café that is also hosting the event 560001 and has been giving young and upcoming HipHop artists across the country a stage to perform. It is always good to see that happening because back at home, I too received a lot of encouragement from the local audience, and it helps a lot.”

What has it been performing in India and now in the city of Bangalore that has so much of hip-hop culture?

"It's a full-circle moment for me to come back to the motherland. I've always been waiting to experience Tamil Nadu and the motherland. This is a home away from home. To be able to come here and really put on a show for these guys, and getting to party and hang out with these guys means the world to me. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. This doesn't just mean the world to me, but it means the world to my family and everybody that I grew up with."

How do you go about making music? Tell us about your thought process.

"Sometimes it comes from lyrics, sometimes it comes from beats. But for me, it's a constant exploration of the duality of English and Tamil. Exploring Tanglish expressions has been the most joyful thing for me. Sometimes I just think of interesting ways to say things that I've never heard anybody say, like things that my parents might say that triggers a different train of thought. I weave the English and Tamil expressions to see what that creates. That is all very ** for me."

Tell us something about your upcoming projects, a little bit about it.

"A lot of collaborations with Indian artists. A lot of exciting collaborations with South-East Asian artists. That's all I can say for now."