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News |  26 Dec 2020 14:22 |  By Tolika Yeptho

When you see 7Bantaiz you see unity, love, brotherhood says Kaam Bhaari

MUMBAI: Rapper Kaam Bhaari who was nominated at the European Music awards 2020, featured in 7 Bantai'Z retro 80’s mumbai vibe song "Meter Down".

Kaam Bhaari and 7Bantaiz have been planning to make a track for a long time. “7Bantaiz got the vibe, when you see them you see unity, love, brotherhood”. The singer loved the fact that they all are from the same school, and grew up together as a power house of talent.

Watch here:

When the lockdown ended, Yoku B.I.G. called him and sent the beat of the song along with the chorus, he also sent his verse. “D'Evil was a surprise, I didn’t know he was going to be with us on this project. If I had known better, I would have asked him to send a verse too”. Dhaval is a veteran rapper from the scene and he supports all of us boys in our work.

“Hip-hop is about freedom I don't want to give people any advice. I just want to say that we should pick people up instead of pushing them down, spread love, ignore hate, Inspire, celebrate truth”, advised the “White Collar” singer to the upcoming musicians.

Kaam Bhaari performed in a number of gigs, he dreams to perform at Coachella if he ever gets an opportunity. He has also released another track "Aur Karo" with Spitfire and artist-producer, Rakhis.

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